Do you own these autumn essentials?

Autumn is on its way. For most that love fashion, the cooler weather is perfect for layers. We have the top 9 autumn essentials to make sure you look great this fall.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket will always make you look like a badass. They are soft, durable and if taken care of right can last a lifetime. An alternative would be a suede jacket in an earthy color such as camel.


Sweaters are great. I love that you can rock them with some jeans and boots for a nice night out. I recommend wool sweaters for the most comfort.


I love boots! You can never have enough of them, They come in so many different styles that its all up to personal preference. You can wear any color but for fall, I tend to wear earthier tones.

Leather Leggings

These are great and a staple in my opinion for fall. Leggings themselves are already amazing, but make them leather and they become more sophisticated and classy.


Jeans shine in the fall, they are super soft, comfortable and look great with a sweater or jacket. You have so many choices to chose from. Skinny, boyfriend, high-rise, mid-rise, blue, white and the list keeps going.

Let me know what needs to be added to the list!

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