How to Care for your Denim, 5 Ways to Make it Last Forever

How do you care for your jeans to make it fit better, feel softer and last longer? It’s actually a lot easier than you would think. The CEO of Levi’s has said “Don’t wash your jeans every time you wear them.” Pretty self explanatory, right? Lets go a little deeper into it.

Wash with Cold Water

The indigo color in your jeans will fade if not washed correctly and you don’t want faded jeans. Make sure your detergent is measured correctly when you wash due to it being concentrated. Pair that with cold water for the maximum washing experience.

Spot Clean Your Jeans

Instead of washing all your clothes due to a small stain on your jeans just do a quick and easy spot clean. Use mild soap and a damp cloth to scrub the stain away. It saves your jeans look and your water bill!

Air Dry Your Freshly Washed Jeans

Dryers are the enemy to jeans. When a dryer runs, it breaks down your clothes creating lint. To avoid this, dry on a clothes rack or a clothes line. This will keep your jeans looking fresh for years to come.

Flip Your Jeans Inside Out

After you have worn your jeans about a dozen times, it may be time for their first wash. Flip your jeans inside out to prevent fading. Make sure you unroll your jeans and check your pockets to make sure you don’t have a pen in them. You don’t want an ink stain your your favorite pair of jeans.

Final Thoughts

Jeans are amazing, they are soft, comfortable and durable. Using these tricks, your jeans can last forever and retain their color for a long time. Give us a follow on Instagram for more daily content!

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