The 7 Essential Beauty Products I Have In My Bathroom (2021)

During the pandemic I have finally been able to organize and narrow down my beauty products. I have figured out my essentials so I don’t fall into the pileup of beauty products like before the pandemic. I use these daily and since there isn’t a lot of items, they work well when I travel too.

Burts Bee’s moisturizing Lip Balm

I am prone to dry lips so I need to use lip balm religiously. Burts Bees is my go to for lip balm. They are a little more expensive than most other lip balm makers but I love that they are all natural. I have these in my backpack, desk and even my car (except for the hot months. I don’t want them to melt).

Oars + Alps Wake up face serum

I stole this one from my moms bathroom. She has great skin and I believe this face serum is why. I apply this every morning and it really does wake me up! Now not as much as a cup of coffee but it makes my skin brighter and feeling amazing. They use Vitamin C & A to rejuvenate your skin to wake you up and make you skin look younger.

TANGLE TEEZER The Ultimate Detangler

When I get out of the shower I need to brush my hair, if not it gets frizzy and tangled. This brush works wonders to help correct my hair before that happens. Having curly hair sucks because it get tangled so easily. I have to brush my hair at least once a day to prevent that from happening. I stand by Tangle Tweeze brushes, I have used them for years without any problems.

CeraVe Daily moisturizing lotion

When Fall and winter strike my hands and face are hit with dry skin. The first time this happened I ran to Walmart and grabbed this lotion not knowing what it was and bam my dry hands were fixed. Luckily I chose it because this works wonders. Its not thick or oily at all and it works great for correcting dry skin.

Too Face Better Than Sex Volumizing Mascara

I use this ever morning and it’s so easy to apply. A few quick swipes and my lashes look amazing. I never need fake lashes when I use this mascara.

Tresemme Curl Care Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse

I love Tresemme’s mousse! I use this daily to make sure my hair doesn’t get frizzy. I live in Texas and the humidity will make my hair double in size the second I step outside (it’s not a good look). This is a must for women with curly hair.

Final Thoughts

I love to organize and simplify my house. I am a slight minimalist. I don’t want extra items when I don’t need them. I stand by every Item I use, they work great for Daily use and travel. If you have curly hair then these products will work wonders.

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