Why I Love Lululemon Leggings (2021)

I thought I knew what comfortable leggings felt like and then I tried Lululemon’s Align leggings. These are a game changer. They fit perfectly and are on another level of soft. I can wear them all day and never have to adjust them.

The Reason Lululemon’s leggings are so soft is due to their Nulu fabric (a blend of nylon, elastane, and Lycra) The high waistband doesn’t cut into my stomach and I never have had the dreaded camel toe. I wear these all the time when I go out and when I workout.

They Align leggings are expensive, don’t get me wrong. They run for $98 which is pricey but they are well worth it. These don’t even compare to Amazons best selling leggings. The quality, feel and fit are unmatched. I have not had any problems with pilling, they did tweak the fabric to make it more pill resistant.

How to Wash the Lululemon leggings?

Wash your leggings inside out in cold water. To avoid Pilling, tumble dry with no heavy fabrics. If you wash them with towels or jeans this could increase the chance of pilling and we don’t want that to happen.

Are Lululemon leggings worth it?

Definitely! They are the best leggings on the market. They are a tad expensive but worth the money. They are soft, durable and fit so well. I would buy one of these over 3 of the bestsellers on Amazon due to the sheer quality and customer service Lululemon provides.

Shop the Lululemon Align Leggings for $98

Go Get’em Girl!

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